Top 20 Items For Today's Wedding And Special Events (Infographic)

No matter how simple or intimate a wedding is, there are lots of things that are lovely about it. Same thing goes for any special event. But how do you make events as such lovely in the first place? The answer is simple: good styling.

Whether it is a wedding or any special occasion, it is important that you decorate your reception really well. If you are going DIY, then you should really pay attention to the elements you choose, making sure that they go well together, creating a harmonious effect.

No wonder, a huge chunk of wedding expenses of couples in the US go to reception, including the styling and decorations. According to the breakdown of expenses, 28% of the budget is devoted to this aspect.
Sure, among the things you have to pay much attention to are the table centerpieces. Usually, these special events require guests to spend most of their time at their respective tables. They stay there as they eat, mingle with other guests, and even watch the presentations. Because of all these, you have to ensure that your tables look good enough, ready to give your guests a wonderful experience.

Now, to do this effectively, you have to be aware of the coolest materials you can make use of. It is also good to make use of affordable materials that won’t hurt your pocket. Imagine, a US wedding has an average of 138 guests. Of course, you have to decorate a venue that is big enough to accommodate these guests. Can you already imagine how many table centerpieces you need to pull off your wonderful celebration? Choose the ones that are not just pretty. Choose the ones which are also reasonably-priced.
So, be careful when it comes to choosing the items you are going to use. Here are the top 20 items for today’s weddings and special events:

1. Silk Flowers
Silk flowers are timeless. They are the perfect alternatives for fresh flowers which are usually more expensive. What’s cool about these silk flowers is that they look real, making any project look really realistic with them. But of course, unlike fresh flowers, they do not wilt at all. These silk flowers can be used in many ways. You can use them for your wedding table centerpieces.

2. Paper Flowers
Paper flowers are classic charmers, too. Made from finest papers, these flowers are also flexible and can be used in various DIY projects like wedding table centerpieces. You can put them in floral vases or simply let they lay in a gorgeous tray. Paper flowers are usually sold in bunches. You can choose from different colors and sizes.

3. Kissing Pomander Balls
Simple yet very elegant—this is probably the best way to describe kissing pomander balls. These kissing pomander balls are perfect table centerpieces. You can place it on the top of a floral vase or a wedding chandelier. Sure, you can also hang them all over your venue. Kissing pomander balls come in different sizes and colors.

4. Wedding Chandeliers
Wedding chandeliers are elegant. Yet, unlike the usual big chandeliers that are fixed in just one place, these are more portable. You can just place them on the top of your tables, add some more embellishments like crystals and even kissing pomander balls and you are good to go. Wedding chandeliers are available in different sizes and shapes. Regardless of how big or small your celebration is, there is a wedding chandelier for you.

5. Hanging Glass Orbs
If you have been dying to create your very own hanging glass terrariums which you can use as decorations for your reception, then this is your chance. Hanging glass orbs will let your turn that dream project of yours into reality. Hanging glass orbs come in different shapes and sizes, making sure that there is a perfect kind to suit your specifications.

6. Rat Tail Cords
If you are really serious about going DIY, then you will pay attention even to the littlest details of it—even cords. Good thing, rat tail cords are here to save the day. They are perfect for anything that requires a cord. You can use them to bind two or more things together. You can even use portions of them to ensure that burlap covers of candles are wrapped properly around the body of the candles themselves. You can also use them as you hang other decorations like hanging orbs and kissing balls.

7. Golden Apples
Make your celebration a classic one. Make use of golden apples, which are known as royalty symbols. These decorations do not just look good by nature. They are also very flexible and easy to use. You can simply place them in one tray, bowl, or clear vase. Apart from golden apples, there are also other kinds of golden fruits. You can also include them in your project to take it to a whole new level.

8. Assorted Fruits
If you want to have a table centerpiece that is more colorful, then go for assorted fruits. These fruits are symbols of prosperity and abundance, which of course are things we love to have in any occasion. These fruits are lively because of the brilliance of their colors. Just place them in a basket, a tray, or a bowl and you can already have a brilliant table centerpiece.

9. Beads and Crystals
There are lots of things you can do with beads and crystals. Apart from using them as vase fillers, you can also use them to spice up your other DIY projects like terrariums. There are also beads and crystals which are sold as garlands. You can use them to spice up your kissing pomander balls and even candle rings.

10. Bird Cages
Bird cages are also charmers. They come in different sizes in designs, making sure that whatever your desired look and feel is, there is a bird cage for your wedding reception. What’s really cool about these bird cages is that they are very easy to set up. Since they already look good on their own, you won’t need to add other embellishments anymore.

11. Floral Vases
Floral vases are very flexible and timeless. You can use them for almost everything—flowers, vase fillers of different sorts, golden and assorted fruits, candles, kissing pomander balls, and more. Indeed, they are among the must-haves in terms of DIY project materials. They can also be reused in million ways.

12. Candle Holders
Candle holders do not just ensure safety of candles that are lit for hours. They also add charm to the candles because of their artistic designs. What is even cooler about them is that they also come in different sizes. So, whether your candle is big or small, there is surely a candle holder perfect for it.

13. Floating Flowers
If you think flowers in vases are already too mainstream, then floating flowers are probably the perfect materials for you. Instead of simply putting them in floral vases, let them flow in a huge bowl. Add other materials like crystals, candles, and pearls, too.

14. Mason Jars
Mason jars are good alternatives to floral vases. Unlike those clear glass vases, mason jars are hand-painted. Therefore, they are colorful. You can use them for your flowers. You can also put other things in them such as fillers.

15. Diamond Ribbon Wraps
Make your DIY projects more fabulous with diamond ribbon wraps. They can be used to cover your vases and candle holders. Even your utensil pouches can be transformed into more magical items through the use of these wraps.

16. Burlap Bags
If you are going for anything that looks more natural, go for anything made of burlap. In fact, there are burlap bags, too, which you can use to contain treats and other giveaways during special events like weddings and birthday celebrations.

17. Pearls
There are lots of ways to use pearls for DIY projects. Apart from using them as vase fillers, you can also make them float inside clear floral vases. Strings of pearls can also be used to adorn wedding chandeliers and candle rings.

18. Floating Candles
Gone are those days when candles are only meant to go with candle holders. Now, you can make them float. And you can actually do it for your centerpiece. It is all thanks to floating candles, which are also available in the market these days.

19. Peacock Feathers
If you are going for a more unique and exotic look for your celebration, you better aim for peacock feathers for your decorations. Each piece of peacock feather comes with vibrant colors, making the patterns on it more brilliant.

20. Rose Petals
Rose petals can also be used in millions of ways. You can use them as vase fillers, making sure that extra spaces in floral vases are filled with blooms. If you are aiming for a more romantic look on your wedding reception, you may scatter them all over the venue, too.

Indeed, there are lots of materials you can use for your DIY projects. It is also easy to purchase most of them, too. Take advantage of them and use them to make your venue more interesting.


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