Trendy Wedding Centerpieces Ideas

Wedding table centerpieces are one of the most crucial aspects of every wedding reception. Inside the reception, guests spend most of their time at their tables. No wonder, you have to impress them and even keep them entertained because of your table centerpieces.

Your wedding table centerpieces are mood setters, too. They can encapsulate your wedding theme. You can also establish the feel you want to have on your big day. Sure, having stunning wedding centerpieces is also one way of impressing your guests.

The thing is, there are lots of wedding centerpieces you can have on your wedding. The ideas are infinite, really. Choices range from the simplest to the most complicated ones. But of course, among the champions are still those which can be done easily. These are those wedding table centerpieces you can assemble even if you are just going DIY.

Floating Flowers and Candles
Why this wedding table centerpiece idea is trendy

Flowers and candles are already charming by nature. Flowers are considered classic decorations in every wedding while candles are perfect setters of ambience. Now, imagine seeing them all floating within a huge bowl. Imagine all their goodness and beauty combined in just one bowl that sits on your wedding table.

What you need for this DIY project
1.    Silk flowers – These flowers are widely available in the market these days. What’s cool about them is that they come in different types. You can choose from roses and other kinds of flowers, depending on whatever suits your DIY project. These silk flowers also come in different sizes, ranging from .5” to 2.25”. They also come in various colors. Some of the colors available are red, pink, hot pink, ivory, lavender, and yellow.
2.    Floating candles – Unlike other kinds of candles, these ones are especially created to float. They usually have wide bases, which keep them from sinking. These candles come in different colors and sizes, too.
3.    A bowl – It can be a fish bowl or something else, depending on the effect that you want to achieve as well as the size of your wedding table. But of course, choosing a bowl that is wide and low at the same time is a good thing to do. This kind of bowl allows you to put more flowers and candles in it. A clear bowl is also a cool choice, too.

What to do
Once you already have all the materials you need for your project, you may already start putting them together.
1.    First, wash the bowl. Put clean water in it, preferably filling half of the bowl.
2.    Get your silk flowers. Let them float in the water. Remember to leave enough space within the bowl, enough to accommodate the candles.
3.    Finally, get the candles and let them float in the water. You may opt to light the candles for more effects.

Flowers, Crystal Vase Fillers, and Candles in a Tray
Why this table wedding centerpiece idea is trendy
Like what was mentioned earlier, flowers are already classic decorations in terms of weddings. What if we combine these blooms with other equally astonishing items like crystal vase fillers and candles? What if we put all of them in one tray and use the setup as a wedding table centerpieces? Brace yourself. This trendy wedding centerpiece idea is going to blow your mind.

What you need
1.    Silk or paper flowers – It does not matter whether you are a fan of silk or a loyal follower of anything made from paper. What’s important is that you have flowers to make use of for this project. Choose the flowers wisely. There are lots of kinds, sizes, and colors available around.
2.    Crystal vase fillers – Vase fillers are not just functional in the sense that they hold stems of flowers in their proper places when put in a wide vase. They are also very decorative, no wonder they also come in different colors and kinds. Crystal vase fillers are good examples.
3.    Candles – You can use any kind of candle for this project, depending on your desired look. It is advisable that you choose candles that perfectly suit the flowers you are using. If you want, you can also use candles that come with elegant holders. This is to add more charm to your candles and ensure that they won’t burn other items included in your set-up even when lit for hours.
4.    A tray – This tray is going to play a very important role in this DIY project of yours. You can choose any tray, as long as it goes well with all other materials you are making use of.

What to do
1.    Prepare all your materials. Make sure that you separate the flowers which are usually sold in bunches and strings. Remove their stems. (Paper flowers usually have stems.) Then, unpack the crystal vase fillers. Wash the tray, too.
2.    Get the crystal vase fillers. Put them into the tray. Ensure that they are enough to cover the base of the tray.
3.    Get the candles and put them on the top of the layer of crystal vase fillers. Or, if you want, you can allow them to sit directly on the surface of the tray, with the crystal vase fillers supporting them.
4.    Finally, get the flowers and scatter them all over the surface. Do not overkill your project in the sense that no more crystal vase fillers are seen.

Papers, Ribbons, and Candles
Why this wedding table centerpiece idea is trendy
As mentioned previously, candles are mood- setters given any occasion and venue. They also look great by nature, no matter how simple they look physically. And of course, when spiced up, they can look even better. This is what this DIY project is about—making already-fab materials like candles even more fabulous.

What you need
1.    Candles – Huge candles are stunners. Stun your guests when you include them in your DIY wedding table centerpiece project. For this project, choose the plain ones simply because you are going to cover major portions of them. Also, choose candles with smooth surfaces and regular shapes to make it easier for you to decorate them.
2.    Fancy or Recycled Papers – It really depends on you, depending on how you want your project to end up looking. If you want to come up with a wedding table centerpiece that pops with bright colors, go for fancy papers in neon colors. If you want something light and soft, go for pastel colors. Yet, if you are aiming for something that looks more artsy and even old school, then use recycled paper sheets from newspapers, magazines, or any other materials. You can also make your project more unique by using a printout of a poem you wrote especially for your partner or a piano sheet of your theme song.
3.    Ribbons – These strips of ribbons are going to serve as additional embellishments for your wedding table centerpiece so you better choose them well. Make sure that their colors match your candles’ body colors as well as the papers you are going to use with them. Also, do not pick ribbons that are so thick to avoid them dominating your project.

What to do
1.    First, cut the paper of your choice. Make a strip of it that is enough to wrap about the lower part of the candle.
2.    Once you are done with this, glue the paper on the surface of the candle. Wrap the lower part of it with the paper while securing it has been glued properly.
3.    Cut a portions of the ribbons, enough to also cover the candle’s circumference.
4.    Like the strip of paper, wrap the ribbon strips around the candle, preferably following the line dividing the paper strip and the candle part.

Papers, Clear Vase, and Paper Flowers
Why this wedding table centerpiece idea is trendy
Flowers and vases are among the most classic items whenever we speak of weddings and even home decorations. These two make for the most common combination of centerpiece we have ever known—the undying flower and vase tandem. Yet, this does not mean that you should already forget about the combo. Why do it if there is still away to recreate it. This is what this DIY project is here for.

What you need
1.    Clear Vase – Your vase cannot be just any vase. It should be clear and preferably, medium to tall. It should have a regular shape, too, no more weird forms. Making use of a simple vase allows you to have an easier time as you decorate it.
2.    Papers – Again, it really depends on you whether you want paper that’s new or something that may already been old but still look very classy. If you want, you can also make use of some photographs of you and your partner. Whatever it is, it is okay.
3.    Paper Flowers – The thing with this flower-vase tandem is that you cannot use fresh flowers with it. So, instead of getting fresh blooms in flower shops, just order a bunch of paper flowers.

What to do
1.    Cut a portion of paper that is almost enough to cover the surface of the vase.
2.    Roll it and join its ends, forming a cylinder that is just a little bit smaller than the vase in terms of diameter.
3.    Insert the paper inside the vase. Now it will serve as the vase’s design.
4.    Put the flowers inside the vase.

Golden Apples and Tray
Why this wedding table centerpiece is trendy
It is very simple yet it looks magical. It is also something that is really easy to prepare. Unlike other wedding table centerpieces, you can do this even if you do not have the luxury of time to assemble too many things together.

What you need
1.    Golden Apples – These golden apples are known for their elegance. They symbolize not just wealth but also royalty.
2.    A Tray – You can use any tray, as long as it can contain the golden apples you are going to use and it matches the color of the apples.

What to do
Just put the golden apples on the tray. Arrange them the way you want to and you are good to go.