Fun Ways to DIY Pearl Decors (Infographic)

Weddings can be stressful. While there are lots of things to get excited and to love about it, you still cannot help but feel the pressure because of all the things you have to think about and take care of. After all, wedding preparations can be tedious.

No wonder, the stress level of a bride is really affected days before the wedding. The thing is, the stress level of a person actually climbs higher and higher when the wedding day is getting nearer. It also appears that wedding stress starts to peak at around eight days before the wedding.

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And just imagine, you have to spend several hours a week to prepare for your wedding. In fact, there are some brides who really take the preparations seriously. In a recent study, it was found out that 10% of brides spent 16-25 hours for wedding preparations every week. If you think this is already too much, think again. There was still this 3% who actually devoted more than 25 hours for their wedding preparations in a week.

If you are a bride and you are going DIY in your own wedding, just imagine all the stress you can have while preparing during these hours. Apart from just planning, you will also have to take care of other things like your DIY projects. And the thing is, more and more brides have been doing it.
In a survey, brides were asked if they were planning on going DIY for any part of their wedding. While there are still some who said no (21.8%), majority said yes (78.3%). This goes to show that regardless of the demands of weddings, particularly DIY weddings, people are still willing to commit and work on their projects faithfully, never mind the stress and pressure.
But, what if you can make things lighter? Would it be awesome?

The good news is, it is not impossible at all. You can already lighten things up by doing only fun DIY projects using fun materials. Among these are pearls, which have been among the most preferred materials for wedding decorations because of their simple yet very elegant look. They are also very versatile. You can use them in different ways. Now, here are the fun ways to DIY your pearl decors:

Kissing Balls
Kissing balls are timeless wedding decorations because of their beauty and versatility. These kissing balls can be used in different ways, too. You can either form banners made of kissing balls and hang them in your venue or just use them as your wedding table centerpiece by placing them on the top of wedding chandeliers.

Usually, kissing balls are made only from silk flowers attached to the styro foam balls until the whole surface of the ball is covered. Silk flowers come in different colors and sizes, making sure that there is a perfect kind for you no matter how big or what kind of silk flowers you have.

Now, to spice up kissing balls, you can add more fun materials to them like pearls. They won’t just make your DIY wedding more fabulous; they will also give a fresher flavor to them.

What you need
1.    Silk Flowers – Silk flowers are artificial yet they look more realistic than other kinds of flowers. They come in different sizes yet the most common ones are the 2.5” and 3.25”. These silk flowers come in different colors, too, giving you more options to choose from.
2.    Half-cut Pearls – These pearls, which are halved, are perfect for these kinds of projects because they it is easier to glue them on the surface of the styro foam balls compared to the ones that are whole. The usual size for these pearls is 15mm (diameter).
3.    Straight Pins – You need these reliable straight pins to attach your silk flowers to the styro foam balls, which will serve as your cores. Secure as many straight pins as you can.
4.    Styro Foam Balls – Like what was mentioned previously, you will be attaching the silk flowers to the styro foam balls until the entire surfaces of their bodies are covered with silk flowers and other decorations you will use.
5.    Glue – You will need the glue to stick the half-cut pearls to the styro.
What to do
1.    Get a styro foam ball.
2.    Using straight pins, attach the silk flowers to it one by one, until you cover almost the entire surface.
3.    Get the glue and glue some half-cut pearls in vacant spaces left. You can fill them will pearls, making sure the whole surface of the styro foam balls is covered.
4.    Create as many kissing balls as you need.

Floating Pearls
Floating pearls do not just look good; they also pique people’s curiosity. No wonder, this kind of project has been a favorite of many. They are perfect charmers most especially when used as wedding table centerpiece.

What you need
1.    Pearl beads – These pearl beads are very versatile. You can use them in different ways. They also come in different sizes.
2.    Floral Vase – Floral vases are available in varying shapes and sizes. Get bigger ones to have more space not just for pearl beads but also for the floating candles you are going to use later on.
3.    Floating Candles – These candles are especially designed to float in water. Get enough of them for your DIY project.

What to do
1.    Put some water in your floral vase. Do not fill it yet.
2.    After putting water in it, put enough pearl beads and let them float.
3.    Let the candles float in the water.

Pearl Vase Fillers
Pearls are also among the best vase fillers. They already look good on their own despite them being simple. Yet, imagine if you are going to add some more elements in your DIY project featuring pearls? Wouldn’t it be more fun? This is what this DIY project is all about. Apart from vase fillers, you are going to use candles, too.

What you need
1.    Pearl Beads – Pearl beads that can be used as vase fillers come in different sizes. There are also different colors of them, so feel free to choose the best ones for your project. If you want to be more adventure, then you can mix different colors and sizes of pearls.
2.    Fish Bowl – The fish bowl will contain the pearl beads and the candles you are going use for your project. Fish bowls come in different sizes, too. Choose the one with the size that is big enough for your project.
3.    Candles – There are many candles available in the market today, making it harder for anyone to choose among them. Since you are going to use a fish bowl with pearl beads in it, make sure that the candles you are going to use are not too big so they can still fit inside the fish bowl.

What to do
1.    Place some pearl beads inside the fish bowl. Fill almost half of it.
2.    If you are using pearl beads of different colors and sizes, make sure that you mix them properly.
3.    Once you are done, place the candles after the layer of pearl beads.

Going DIY when it comes to pearl decors is always fun. It is very fulfilling, too. Now to make the projects even more fun and fulfilling, do not be afraid to try out other things, too. Do not be afraid to put things together.

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