Best hanging glass orbs to use for DIY terrarium

Terrariums are all magical. Just imagine, through these creations, you can already bring the outdoors inside your home. You can have a mini garden that can wow everyone who sees it. What’s more, you can bring life to your living space and make it a better place.

And if you are a nature lover who is planning to have a DIY wedding, you can actually create your very own terrariums which encapsulate the theme of your wedding. You can make use of different things for them, actually. Instead of having the usual flowers put in vases, what you can do is come up with several terrariums, which can truly spice up your wedding table.

The thing is, you do not really have to have a green thumb in order to create or maintain your very own terrarium. You also does not have to stress yourself about the complications of the entire process as there are lots of useful guides online that teaches people how to go DIY with their decorations like terrarium.
Yet, before you finally start your DIY project, you have to be aware of the necessary materials and time limit needed to be able to complete the subject. Among these materials you should really take a close look at are hanging glass orbs.

These hanging glass orbs will basically function as your project’s frame. On it will depend what kinds of materials you can use inside. Whether you are going to have plants that are tall, small, or something that spreads across, it will depend on the hanging glass orb you are going to use.

Shape is also one thing to consider. Usually, hanging glass orbs vary, depending on shapes. These different hanging orb types also come in different sizes, making sure that there is something you can make use of whatever your project is.

Now, to know more about the choices you have, here are the best hanging glass orbs you can use for DIY terrarium:

Hanging Terrarium Orb
Known as one of the most common hanging glass orbs, this one is created especially for terrariums.  One of its defining characteristics is its big opening, which other hanging glass orbs do not have. This big opening makes it easier for anyone to go DIY with it. Because of this, anyone can insert materials in it without even breaking a sweat. It is very flexible, too, as it is spherical in shape.

The most common size for this kind of hanging glass orb is 2”. Meanwhile, the opening measures 1.5”. Sold in dozens, this kind is ideal for not so big terrariums, which make use of little plants. One great inclusion would be baby tears or moss. Since there is only limited space in every hanging orb considering the measurements, these two materials would really be a perfect match for it. Besides their sizes that are perfect for these cute little hanging terrarium orbs, these plants are also very easy to grow.

Hanging Glass Orb
The classical hanging glass orb is also one of the most common types of orbs used for hanging terrariums. It is very similar to the hanging terrarium orb discussed earlier, except that it has a smaller opening. Hanging glass orb comes in different sizes such as 2.5”, 3”, 4”, 6.5”, 8”, and 9”. This means that whatever the size of your DIY project is, there is a perfect hanging glass orb for you.

You can also use baby tears and moss for smaller sizes of hanging glass orbs. For medium-sized ones, plants that are not so tall would be a perfect match. Something like the silver nerve plant would definitely be a good fit for this plant grows only from three to six inches tall. Meanwhile, plants like the watermelon peperomia, which grows from six to eight inches tall, would be a good fit for the bigger sizes of hanging glass orbs.

Hanging Globe Shape Glass Orb
If you want to have your very own terrarium that is wider, the hanging globe shape glass orb is definitely the best one for you. Unlike the previous two, this one is not a perfect sphere in terms of shape. Instead, it is wider. No wonder, it is perfect for plants which spread across the area such as the golden clubmoss. Of course, plants like succulents are also a good match for this kind of orb.

But of course, you need not be limited to plants alone. Since this one is wider as compared to the other kinds of orbs, you can also put rocks, sands, bits of charcoal, and different kinds of small plants in it. In short, have your miniature garden in it. You can also use it for aerial plants. This kind of glass orb measures 5.5”. It has a small opening, making it ideal for materials like fine sand, which may easily spill out from an orb that has a bigger opening.

Hanging Teardrop Glass Orb
Narrow top and wide base—these two are among the most apparent characteristics of a hanging teardrop glass orb. From the name itself, this one is shaped like a teardrop. No wonder, it is perfect for DIY projects that involve plants which may require a wide base but only need a narrow top. Plants like asplenium bulbiferum is one great example. It needs to be cut regularly, though, to keep it from growing really tall. This is important since the hanging teardrop glass orb comes in sizes such as 5.5”, 7”, and 8”.

Bulb Terrarium Orb
Like the hanging teardrop glass orb, this kind of hanging glass orb is really a great idea for a DIY terrarium project, most especially if it requires a wide base and a bit narrow top. Usually sold in packs of two, this one comes in different sizes such as 5”, 7.5”, and 9”. These sizes make it ideal for medium-sized plants. To take advantage of its wide base and narrow top, you can also use plants like moss and asplenum bulbiferum for this one.

Hanging Capsule Glass Orb
Like the hanging teardrop glass orb, this one is also suitable for plants that grow tall, except that it also has a wide top. Taking from its name, it has the shape of a capsule. Sold individually, it makes it suitable for plants which may grow vertically and at the same time become bushy even on its top part. The variegader spider fern is a great example, as it gets taller and at the same time spreads across its area. This kind of plant is also perfect for this kind of glass orb because it comes in 6” and 7.5” sizes, respectively.

Hanging Capsule Tall Glass Orb
Its name is already a giveaway. Apparently, it is something really close to the capsule glass orb, except that it is taller. Sold in packs of six, this one is more suitable for plants that do not just become bushy but also grow taller compared to other plants. After all, this hanging glass orb variant is 11” tall, making it suitable for plants like orchids.

Of course, you can still play with it. There are lots of plants with longer stems and that actually bear flowers. You may want to check them out. There are also those which have long beautiful leaves, which can already stand alone, even without flowers.

Hanging Egg Shape Glass Orb
If you are into something that is oblong in shape but has more of a pointed top and base, this is the perfect one for you. Called the hanging egg shape glass orb, this one is suitable for DIY terrarium projects that emphasize both width and height. Its mid-part is the widest, allowing even plants like golden clubmoss to have ample space. Its top and base, on the other hand, are pointed, allowing taller stems of plants like orchids to also have enough room. Sold in packs of six, this one measures 6”.

For this type of hanging glass orb, you may actually opt to have some layers of soil or sand not just to have something for your plant but also to provide additional embellishment. In fact, some even make use of colored sands and use them as bed for their easy-to-grow plants.

Apple Terrarium Glass
If you are a fan of fancy shapes, go for an apple terrarium glass. What is good about it is that it does not just come with an apple shape; it is also spacious as it has a base and at top. It measures 6” tall and 5” wide, enough to accommodate medium-sized plants like starfish plants, variegata, and aquamarine. You might need to cut them from time to time, though, to ensure that they won’t grow too big for your orb.
To even maximize its width, you may also add some embellishments to your project such as rocks and pebbles that will make it look cooler.

Indeed, there are too many hanging glass orbs available in the market today, each of them you can your for your DIY terrarium project. Every kind also has certain strengths, making sure that there is a certain kind to suit your needs and matches the specifications of your DIY project.