Best Ways To Decorate Centerpieces (Infographic)

It appears that many people these days spend a lot for weddings. In fact, some data collected by Huffington Post revealed that in most US states, brides were willing to spend for the different aspects of their weddings. No wonder, the average wedding cost in US already reached $28,427 in 2012 alone.

However, weddings do not have to be really expensive. The truth is that there are lots of ways to minimize expenses. As a bride, you just have to be very practical. You have to evaluate everything that is in your to-purchase list. Wedding decorations are among the best examples. Nowadays, the idea of hiring a wedding stylist seems to be really attractive. Hiring a wedding stylist, who may charge really high fees, is not the only way for you to make your wedding venue one of a kind. Instead, you can go for DIY.

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This one makes a lot of sense. In fact, you are not the only one who is going to do this. Lots of brides have already tried it. If you ask them about their reason, well, the answer is just very simple: DIY means saving lots of money.

Now, you may be wondering whether it is just logical to go DIY with your wedding decorations instead of hiring a wedding stylist (as discussed earlier). Do not be afraid as you are on the right track, too. In a similar study, brides were also asked about the things they were willing to go DIY for.

Guess what? Half of them (50%) agreed that décor items should be among these things.

According to statistics, these decors usually consume 7% of the wedding budget. If you end up successful with your DIY project, you may be able to lower the percentage. Doesn’t it sound good?
Now, how can you come up with good centerpieces? It’s simple. You just have to familiarize yourself with the best ways to decorate centerpieces using trendy materials.

Clear vase and crystal vase fillers
Vases have already become household items over the years. Yet, what some people do not realize is these vases’ potential to add charm to any table in a wedding reception, as centerpieces of course.

First, get a clear vase made of glass. Make sure that it is tall. Then, get crystal vase fillers of different colors. If you do not want your centerpiece to be multi-colored, you may also pick up just two different colors. Make sure that your vase fillers are enough to fill your vase entirely.

Now, put a small number of crystal vase fillers inside the vase. This portion will serve as the first layer of your project. Afterwards, add another layer of a different color. Repeat the steps until you fill the entire base with layers and layers of crystal vase fillers.

Of course, you may also use other kinds of vase fillers like gold apples, rose petals, rocks, and many more. However, you may not be able to layer them.

Floating pearls in a clear vase
Pearls are classic. They have the ability to make anything more charming despite their innate simplicity. What if you use them for your table centerpiece? It would be cool.
Get a tall glass made of clear glass and a pack of pearls. Then, get some water. Once you already have these materials, you may already start by pouring the water into the vase. Do not fill the vase just yet. Leave some space that is enough for the pearls you want to add. Then, drop the pearls into the water. Sure, they are going to float. To add more magic to it, you may also leave a floating candle inside the vase.

Crystal garlands on manzanita tree
Make your wedding reception more magical. Grab a manzanita tree and a sturdy vase covered with diamond vase wrap. Make sure that you have fillers like rocks or crystals, too, to make sure that the manzanita tree would actually stand. Once the manzanita tree is stable, start hanging garlands of crystals on its branches.

Kissing pomander balls, vases, and vase fillers
Besides vases and different kinds of vase fillers, kissing pomanders are also good materials for wedding centerpieces. While there are kissing pomander balls that are for sale, going DIY with them is still a great idea. All you need are silk flowers, straight pins, styro foam balls, vases, and vase fillers. First, get the silk flowers. Using straight pins, attach each of them to the styro foam ball until the entire surface is covered. When you already have your kissing pomander ball, get the vase. Put some vase fillers into the vase and finally, put the kissing pomander ball on the top.

Cherry blossom spray, vase, and vase fillers
Make your wedding tables more interesting with cherry flowers—with a twist.
First, get tall vases made of clear glass. Then, get some cherry blossom sprays. Make sure that they are shorter than your vase. Get some vase fillers, too, preferably with the same color as your cherry blossoms. Now that you already have the materials needed for the project, start putting some vase fillers into the vase. Afterwards, put the cherry blossom sprays. Repeat the steps until you have enough vases with cherry blossom sprays for your table.

Vases and burlap
If you want a more classic look for your wedding table, then you should try incorporating burlap with your table centerpiece. Known for its familiar brown look, burlap is a kind of woven cloth that can be used in many ways. One thing you can do is wrap your vases with burlap then hold it in its place by tying a ribbon around it. 

Centerpieces are fun to decorate. When you do so, you are not just personalizing the decorations of your very own wedding; you are also having fun and saving money. This is a good way to break the trend of overspending.

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