How To Make Kissing Balls (Step-by-step Guide)

Kissing balls, also known as pomander balls, can do lots of wonder. They do not just look beautiful. They are also very versatile that you may use them in many ways. In fact, you can find lots of functions for these kissing balls on your wedding day.

Common uses

The origin of these beautiful kissing balls has something to do with Christmas. Yet, as time went by, its functions and even appearances have already evolved. Now, we already make use of kissing balls in different occasions—including weddings. So, before anything else, how can we make use of these kissing balls in a wedding?

1. Table centerpiece
One of the most common uses of kissing balls is table centerpiece. As we all know, a table centerpiece is always a big deal in any wedding because it helps set the mood most especially when it comes to the table. It is also a cool way for you to incorporate your chosen motif with your venue’s styling.

2. Bridal bouquet
You can also use of a kissing ball as your bridal bouquet. The thing is, fresh flowers are not the only ones you can use for your bouquet. You can use a kissing ball made of different materials such as paper or silk flowers. And, if you are really serious about going DIY, you can also make use of your DIY flowers made of different materials. Just be creative.

3. Decorations for church pews
Kissing balls can also be used as decorations for church pews. You can use beautiful kissing balls to mark the aisle to give the church a more fabulous look. Of course, you can also incorporate your wedding theme, including the color you chose to dominate your big day.

See? Kissing balls have lots of uses, making them an essential part of any wedding. And the good thing is, apart from the ready-made kissing balls available in the market these days, you can also make use of the DIY ones.

You got that right—DIY. It means that if you want kissing balls that are highly-customized, you can actually make your own. All you have to do is find the right materials you can make use of to make your dream project come true.

Materials you will need

The materials you will need for you DIY kissing ball project really depend on the effect you want to achieve, plus the amount of time you are willing to invest. Anyway, whatever your chose materials are, it is just fine. What matters is how you are going to put them together to create lovely kissing balls.

Let’s start with the flowers. Here are some of your choices:

Silk flowers
Silk flowers are timeless materials whenever you speak of DIY kissing balls. Known for their durability and classic appeal, these silk flowers can really look like fresh and real flowers. Texture is another factor, of course. Since they are made of silk, they look more realistic when used for kissing balls. What is even cooler about these silk flowers is that they come in different colors. Not just that, there are also different kinds of them.

But of course, roses are still among the most appealing ones. They come in different sizes and colors, giving you the freedom to choose according to your liking. Among the best options are 3.5” ivory loose silk rose flowers 3.25” pink wedding silk rose flowers, 3.25” red wedding silk rose flowers, 3.25” hot pink silk rose flowers, 3.25” lavender silk rose flowers, and 3.25” yellow craft silk flowers.

Paper flowers
Certainly, different people have different tastes. While some prefer flowers made of silk, there are some who still want to make use of flowers made of papers. No wonder, paper flowers are also a huge hit in any DIY project that requires floral designs. Some of the paper flowers you can purchase are .5” paper flowers. They come in different colors such as baby blue, hot pink, ivory, lavender, orange, pink, purple, red, royal blue, turquoise, white, and yellow. There are also .7” paper flowers.

Available colors include hot pink, ivory, lavender, light blue, lime, moss green, orange, pink, purple, red, royal blue, turquoise, white, and yellow. Sure, larger paper flowers are also available. There are 1” paper flowers, with colors such as black, ivory, orange, purple, red, turquoise, white, yellow, baby blue, baby pink, hot pink, and lime. There are also 1.25” loose paper flowers. You can choose from either aqua, burgundy, ivory, pink, or green. These paper flowers are sold in bunches. Usually, there are 12 pieces per bunch.

DIY Flowers
So you want to really customize even your flowers? That’s not a problem at all. You can actually create your very own cute flowers out of different materials available either in the market or at home.
Of course, you can make use of silk petals and put them together for you to come up with custom flowers. Some of the best choices are silk rose petals that come in different colors such as gold, baby pink, black, burgundy, coral, dark purple, fuchsia, hot pink, ivory, light blue, lime, orange, pink, purple, silver, true blue, turquoise, brown, and yellow.

Two-tone versions of these colors are also available. Besides these silk petals, you can also create your very own DIY flowers using fancy papers. You can cut them out and form flowers of them. For better results, you can paint them, too. Just don’t limit yourself; be innovative, instead.

Now that you already have flowers for your kissing balls, you can already choose other materials you will also be needing. Here they are:

Styro foam balls
Styro foam balls will truly help you as you work on your DIY kissing ball project. Of course, these styro foam balls will serve as the cores of your kissing balls. Basically, you are going to attach the flowers to them until they are covered entirely. These styro foam balls come in different sizes, so it is up to you whether you want small or big ones. Just make sure that you have ample amount of flowers to coat whatever styro foam ball sizes you are going to choose.

Straight pins
Straight pins are also crucial parts of your DIY kissing ball project. Besides the usual plain straight pins, there are also other you can buy. One great example would be the pearlized ball straight pins. They are not just functional; they also look good.

You need ribbons if you wish to hang your kissing balls. Ribbons, of course, are not just durable. They are also very good-looking, making them ideal for hanging kissing balls. You can also use ribbons to wrap handles with, if ever you want to use your kissing ball in place of your bridal bouquet. You might need more materials, depending on the kind kissing ball you want to produce. Of course, you are free to add some more. You can even try mixing and matching materials with each other.


After you have already gathered all the materials you need to create your own version of wedding kissing balls, you may already start with the assembly proper. When you proceed to the next steps, make sure that you do perform each of them with utmost care. You should also ensure that you do them properly to make sure your finished product’s quality. The following are the steps. Please be guided accordingly.

Prepare the flowers.
Flowers usually come in bunches. Make sure that you separate them carefully, in preparation of the kissing ball assembly proper. If you are using paper flowers which may come with longer stems, you might want to remove their stems. Be careful when you handle them, though, as you may deform the flowers. Meanwhile, if you have decided to DIY even your flowers, take time in putting the petals together as well, so you can create lovely flowers.

Attach the flowers on the styro foam ball.
Now that you already have enough flowers, what you can do next is attach each of them to the styro foam ball. To lock the attachment of the flower, use the straight pin. Make sure that the flower is attached well. Repeat the same process until you are able to cover the styro foam ball completely with flowers.

Do some finishing touches
You now have your own kissing ball. Now, all you have to do is perform some finishing touches, which may involve attachment of a ribbon (if you want to hang it) or a handle (if you want to use it for your bridal bouquet. It really depends on you. Just make sure that you handle the kissing ball properly to avoid destroying it.

Creating your DIY kissing ball, indeed, does not have to be really complicated and difficult. There are already lots of materials in the market you can get at very affordable prices. You have the liberty to choose from them, too. Apart from that, there are also lots of resources you can consult to learn other cool stuff. Do not be afraid to try; create your own kissing balls.