How to Choose the Best Wedding Chandelier Style

Wedding chandeliers are one of the best things you can rely on when looking for a good centerpiece for your wedding table setup. They do not just look great; they are also very convenient because they come with stands that would allow you to move them wherever you like to.

Also, these wedding chandeliers also come in different sizes. So, depending on the size of your setup, you can actually choose a wedding chandelier that would perfectly fit on your table. However, there are too many options to choose from when we speak of wedding chandeliers. There are lots of designs available in the market nowadays. So if you have been wondering how you can effectively choose a wedding chandelier design that will suit your wedding setup, then read on and get ideas.

Consider your wedding theme
Do you have a particular wedding theme for your wedding? One of the best ways to start your journey in choosing the best wedding chandelier for your own wedding is thinking about your wedding’s theme and understanding it. This way, you can visualize the things you should and should not have.

For instance, if you are planning to have a Frozen-themed wedding, then you might want to consider having a clear wedding chandelier for your weddings. This is because the clear crystals of this wedding chandelier style look like ice. Also, because of these crystals’ neutral color, it is just very easy to integrate other elements that would jive with them. Unity and consistency can be achieved very easily, making the theme stand out.

Know the effects you want to have
Apart from knowing what your wedding theme is and sticking to it, it is also important that you also know what certain effect you want to achieve during your wedding reception. This way, you can have an idea on what kind of materials to have. If you want to play with lighting for instance, it might be anadvantage to use wedding chandeliers that are made of crystals. These crystals can help you scatter the light, creating a wonderful effect. Even more, these crystal wedding chandeliers also come in different sizes and colors which means that there are a lot of possibilities.

Determine the size of your wedding
When decorating your very own wedding, it is really important that you know how big it is since the very beginning. This way, you can decide how grand or simple your setup will be. Also, it will allow you to realize how big the venue or the tables will be, which are very important factors when you are finalizing details in your own wedding set up.

For example, if you are going to have your wedding in a smaller venue or a more intimate setting, then you might opt to just use tables with smaller dimensions as well. Of course, these kinds of tables shall come with decorations that also suit them. Sure, for them, the best choice would be those spiral wedding chandelier which look more compact. Now if you are going for a really small wedding, you can also choose smaller versions of wedding chandeliers like the 9” small clear wedding chandelier. Or, if you want something that may not be too small but looks more minimal, you can use a mini hanging ball instead. No matter how big of small your wedding will be, you can always make sure that there are wedding chandeliers to suit your setup.

Determine what your other materials are
Materials also play a very important role in every wedding in the same as materials play a huge role in our clothing. Sure, there are only certain kinds of materials that could go well together. It cannot just be a random mix and match of all the things you find attractive. You should plan it strategically, making sure that they will not look awkward together. Same thing goes for your wedding table. You have to make sure that your elements would go well together and do not look as though you just forced them to belong to one table.

For example, of you are making use of wooden materials for a more rustic set up, then you might want to avoid too bright wedding chandeliers that are made of colorful gems or crystals. Instead, you may make use of a hanging ball instead, which would look more natural when matched with the materials of your current peg. Then, if you want highlight gems and crystals on your wedding and use perhaps wares that are also crystal clear, then it is time to make use of those wedding chandeliers make of gems and crystals, too.

Know your venue
Besides knowing the size of your wedding as defined by the number of your visitors, it is also a golden rule to also get to know more about the venue where you are holding your wedding. Does it have a high celing, which means it can accommodate bigger wedding chandeliers like the 48” hanging wedding chandelier instead of smaller ones.

Of course, for smaller venues or for the ones with lower ceilings, it is advisable to just settle for shorter wedding chandeliers like hanging balls. Besides the ceiling, another thing to look at is the wall. What is the color of the wall and what it is made of? Knowing these details will let you realize what kind of wedding chandeliers to pick when you shop for them.

Apart from these, you may also want to consider the lighting in the area because like what was mentioned in the earlier part of the article, knowing the effect you want to achieve for your wedding setup or reception is also crucial when we speak of lighting.

The thing is, there are actually a lot of wedding chandeliers available today. The only challenge is how to choose  a design that would perfectly match everything about your wedding. While playing with different elements is encouraged in DIY projects like this, there are still times and instances when you have to be very careful and sensitive which goes with which.