8 DIY Ideas to Use Pearl for Wedding Decorations and Centerpieces (Infographic)

Weddings have always been among the things people really spend for. After all, it is one of those “once in a lifetime” moments people do really look forward to. It’s even one of the greatest dreams of lots of girls and a lot of them make sure that they are one of a kind. No wonder, they allot ample amount of money for wedding, regardless of the current economic situation. In fact, from 1990 to 2010, statistics showed that wedding budget increased by 3-4%, regardless of changes in the economy.

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In fact, in 2013, it was found out that less than 20% of couples said that economy was able to affect their wedding budget. No wonder, a lot actually spend for their wedding more than anything else. No wonder, in the same year, the average wedding cost has already reached the highest level. The number already climbed up to $29,858.
Sure, these numbers can be really alarming for those who are budget conscious. No wonder, more and more are looking for means on how to lessen wedding costs and somehow deviate from the growing trend. Among the steps they actually take is going DIY. 

In a study conducted by bridebox.com last year, more than 78% of brides expressed their willingness to go DIY and about 62% of these brides is willing to do such a thing in order to save money. 

Therefore, DIY is really a promising option for couples who want to cut down their wedding-related expenses. The thing is, DIY wedding projects are not money savers; they are also fun. Apart from the fact that they can help you save cash, they can also awaken the creative side of yours and come up with great projects using really good materials. Among these materials that are fun to use for DIY wedding projects are pearls. Pearls have been known for their classic and elegant look. They are also very versatile that you can use them for a lot of things in your wedding.

Now here are 8 DIY ideas to use pearls for wedding decorations and centerpieces:

1. Pearls for Vase Fillers
Vase fillers are both functional and beautiful. Even if you use a vase that is too big for the flowers of your choice, these vase fillers can help you hold them in place. Apart from that, vase fillers also make your setup look more charming. So, just imagine if you use pearls for vase fillers. Since pears are small and spherical in shape, they are versatile in the sence that they can fill empty spaces in the vase, making it easier for you to keep the flowers in the proper place. What’s even cooler is the fact that these pearls can add charm to your set up. Their color and texture will create a wonderful effect with lighting.

2. Pearls for Candle Rings
Candles are charming by nature. What if you add embellishments to them that will make them look even more prettier? Candle rings made from strings of pearls are among these things. Just get a couple of pearls and combine them into one garland that you can surround the candle. You may also incorporate other materials like flowers.

3. Pearls as Embellishment for Wedding Chandeliers
Wedding chandeliers are also among the most common wedding decorations and centerpieces. They look good and are very convenient, too. The thing is, these wedding chandeliers come in different styles depending on what will suit your wedding setup. Apart from that, there are also a lot of fun ways to decorate them. There are a lot of kinds of embellisments for wedding chandeliers that are available in the market nowadays. Among the most common ones are gems. Of course, pearls are also good choices.

4. Pearls on Chair Backs
Who said you cannot dress up the chairs on your wedding day? Of course, you can. You can even use glamorous embellishments like pearls for these chairs for more stunning chair backs. Of course, you may start by covering the chair with a cloth chair cover. Then, apart from ribbons, you may also add some pearls to make your chair backs for fabulous.

5. Utelsil Pouch with Pearls
Sure, it is also recommended that you dine in style on your wedding day. Actually, apart from dressing up your wedding table through head-turning centerpieces, you can also decorate your utensil pouches.
Instead of simply using ribbons or silk flowers for ornaments, you can actually incorporate flowers with the decors for your utensil pouch. You may just glue them on the surface, either randomly or by following a certain pattern and you are good to go. If you want, you may also use a string of pearls and use it as a belt for your pouch.

6. Pearls for Vase Ornaments
While there are already a lot of beautiful vases available in the market nowadays, of course you are still free to custom your own by going DIY. The best thing you can do is buy plain vases and decorate them using pearls. You may follow a pattern when gluing the pearls onto the surface of the vases or if you want, you can use other materials like diamond ribbon wraps which you can use to wrap the vases with before you actually glue the pearls on them.If you want, you can also create strings of pearls and wind them around the vases until you cover certain portions of them. There are lots of other ways to do it. Just be creative.

7. Pearls for Wedding Kissing Balls
Flowers are one of the most common ornaments for wedding kissing balls. However, you can still make use of other alternative materials like pearls to decorate them.
For example, you can incorporate pearls with tiny silk flowers which are among the most common ornaments for wedding kissing balls. After attaching a flower on a styrofoam ball using a straight pin, you may add a piece of pearl on the central part of the flower, covering the head of the straight pin.

8. Pearls for Candle Holders
Besides candle rings, making use of candle holders is also one way of spicing up the candles in your wedding table. You may use glass or ceramic materials for your candle holders and make them more wonderful using pearls. A string of pearl can cover the brim of your candle holder and spice it up even more. You may also opt to glue some pearls on the surface of the holder itself, adding more life to it.

There are a lot of ways on how you can make use of pearls for your wedding decorations and centerpieces. Since pearls are very flexible, you can add them to different elements in your set up and expect  better results. What’s even cooler about these pearls is that they also come in different sizes, colors, and shapes. So, whatever your plans are in your head, there is surely a kind of pearl that’s perfect for it.

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