Fun ways to decorate centerpieces and special events with DIY Wedding Chandeliers (Infographic)

DIY has been a huge hit among engaged couples, most especially brides-to-be. In fact, in a study conducted by Huff Post Weddings in 2013, 68% of the respondents admitted to preparing their weddings by themselves instead of hiring a wedding planner.

What's even more surprising is the fact that 10% of couples spend 16-25 hours per week to plan their weddings. In fact, there is 3% that devotes more than 25 hours every week just doing stuff for their weddings. With all these numbers, it is then safe to say that there is really a part of the population that is willing to really work hard on their weddings.

However, the journey to a fairy tale wedding is not always fun and exciting. Sometimes, one has to take the narrow path just to achieve something. Yes, stress is a part of the story. In truth, 66% of couples find the whole wedding planning and coordination experience stressful.  

With all these things going on, it is then a great idea to look for ways on how to make some parts, if not the entire, wedding planning process more fun rather than stressful. Since there are a number of couples who are willing to really take time when it comes to their wedding preps, it is then a great choice to at least lighten up things for them.

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And since a huge chunk of the population is willing to go DIY, then it means that we can have more fun part when it comes to DIY projects. Among the most fun DIY wedding projects to deal with are centerpieces and chandeliers. These things are usually grand that’s why the idea of decorating them by ourselves is really attractive. Now to take things to a level higher, here are some fun ways to decorate centerpieces and special events with DIY wedding chandeliers:

Flowers, Vases, and Vase Fillers

Nothing beats the classics. As we all know, setting up a vase with flowers is nothing but a classic idea when it comes to centerpieces. The classic rule, of course, is to get a vase that matches the flowers. Then, you can get a bunch of flowers and arrange them in the vase. You can take a look at magazines and websites that offer ideas and inspirations for similar DIY projects. To make sure that the flowers are kept in their proper places, you may make use of vase fillers like crystals and rocks. These may also look good if you use a clear vase.

Apart from the classic way of putting flowers in the vases, you can also try other styles. For example, you can get a glass vase that’s tall and put colorful vase fillers in it. After that, you may put items like cherry blossom spray inside the vase.

Tabletop Chandeliers and Ornaments

One of the best things to have when preparing for a DIY wedding is a good tabletop chandelier. Unlike the usual chandelier, the tabletop chandelier comes with a stand so you do not have to hang it anymore. It’s very convenient because you can just set it up on the top of the table you are going to use.

Some of the most famous tabletop chandeliers is the clear wedding chandelier which looks very simple yet really elegant. Of course, there are also other designs. Some even come with colorful gems that can go with whatever motif you are having on your big day. While they already look great by themselves, you can still decorate them to make them look more fab and personalized. One of the things you can do is get some good photos of you and your partner, paste them on some fancy paper or paper doilies, and cut them depending on the shape that you want. Then, you can hang these photographs on your tabletop chandelier. Apart from these photographs, you can also use other ornaments like gems.

Candles and Candle Rings

Apart from tabletop chandeliers and flowers in vases, you can also explore the possibilities with candles. As we all know, candles do not just look good. There are also lots of them that also smell good and are even very relaxing.

The thing is, you can still do something about these candles to make them look even better. Besides candle holders that can be bought in the market, you can still make use of candle rings. These candle rings come in different designs and colors but among the most classic designs are floral ones.

To make these candle rings even more personalized, you can actually play with them. You can incorporate personal touch by adding some more elements like gems, depending on the effect that you want to achieve.

Wedding Kissing Balls and Specialty Papers

Another way of making your wedding setup more fab is through the use of wedding kissing balls. Instead of hanging, though, you may simply get a stand available in stores. This will hold the kissing ball for you so you don’t have to hang the kissing balls anymore.

One of the most common way of decorating your very own DIY wedding kissing ball is through the use of tiny silk flowers. But if you want a different look, you can make use of paper flowers as well. These paper flowers come in different types, colors, and even sizes.

Vases and Floating Candles

Candles, when lit, do create really good effect in any wedding table. Apart from that, they can also help you establish a perfect ambience for your wedding reception. But of course, there are lots of ways on how you can integrate these candles with your centerpiece.

One of the great ideas is to use floating candles and put them in a vase with water. These floating candles come in different colors and they do look great when put in a clear vase with water can even make it more beautiful and dramatic.

Also, using a floating candle does not just look good; it is also safe to use since the candle has no way of burning anything even if you leave it there for a long time.  For more effects, you can also die the water you are going to use so it can match the color of your choice.

Wedding centerpieces and decorations with chandeliers are really fun to do since they require a certain level of creativity and innovation. Just do not limit yourself with certain materials and do not hesitate to discover other fun means of beautifying them and for sure, you can never go wrong.

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