Cheap DIY Ideas for Wedding Kissing Balls

The origin of kissing balls may be linked to the celebration of Christmas but for some reason, its concept has transcend the occasion and managed to be one of the most popular and fabulous wedding ornaments. How it has achieved its current status may still be a wonder but one thing is for sure: these kissing balls are sure attention grabbers in any wedding. Indeed, we should be thankful they have evolved.

We have already seen a lot of wedding kissing balls. Sure, among the best ones are usually made of flowers. Apart from their natural beauty given by their form, they are also stars because of their different hues. Yet of course, kissing balls need not be limited to flowers only. There are already lots of materials around which, apart from being innovative, are also more affordable.

Now get your styrofoam balls, scissors, and a bunch of straight pins ready. You will surely be amazed with these cheap DIY ideas for wedding kissing balls.

Japanese or Crepe Paper

Nothing beats the old school. Of course, we have known Japanese and crepe paper since forever. They have been our best friends since our grade school days, during those times when our teacher would ask us to do fun art projects. The thing is that these types of paper are not just good for those kiddie projects; they can also be your key in creating brightly colored yet very affordable wedding kissing balls.

It's very simple. Just cut a strip of Japanese or crepe paper, fold it into half (lengthwise), and create a rose by rolling the strip and holding one side of it. You may use thin wires to lock the end you are holding once you are done. Repeat the step until you have enough roses to cover an entire styrofoam ball. Then, you can proceed to attaching these flowers using straight pins. For this DIY project, you may use just one color but of course, you can also do a combination of different colors.

Tissue Rolls

If you want a lighter and softer version of wedding kissing balls, then tissue is the best material for you.   You can also use tissue rolls to create roses (similar to the previous one). When you have enough number of flowers made of tissue rolls, you can already attach them to the styrofoam ball by using straight pins. You have to be extra careful, though, as these roses made of tissue rolls are naturally softer than those made of Japanese and crepe paper. Since the tissue rolls are light, you may want to add other materials like beads to put accent to your project.

Cupcake Liners

Have you ever realized how wonderful cupcake liners are? In fact,they kind of look like flowers as they are. Apart from their form, they also come in different colors. Some of them have really cute designs, too, which make them ideal for DIY projects. In fact, they can also be used to create a wedding kissing ball.

A circular cupcake liner can be turned easily into flowers. All you have to do is cut its edges and create curves for petals. Additional materials like seed beads or glitters for its center to make it look more realisitic. Repeat these steps until you have ample amount of cupcake liner flowers and proceed to attaching them to the styrofoam balls using straight pins.

Old Pages from Notebooks, Books, Directories, and Newspapers

They say green is in. No wonder, recycling has also been a big deal nowadays. Even craft-making has revolved with this mindset. Sure, it applies even to DIY projects like wedding kissing balls. In fact, apart from commercial materials like Japanese and crepe paper, recycled ones like pages from old notebooks, books, directories and even newspapers can also be used in this project.

The idea is very simple: you will simply use these recycled materials in place of more commercial ones such as Japanese and crepe paper. You can either roll strips of these pages to create roses (similar to number one) or just cut them out to form flowers with curved petals (like number two). Then, you can already use them to cover an entire styrofoam ball to create your very own wedding kissing ball. You may also paint your project for more effects.

Unlike the ones made from brightly-colored materials like Japanese and crepe paper and the ones created from tissue rolls, wedding kissing balls from recycled pages of notebooks, books, directories, and newspapers look more vintage. Just imagine those occasional handwriting or typography occasionally appearing on your flower petals.

Glossy Magazine Pages and Brochures

This idea is simliar to the previous one, except that the pages you are going to use are already colored and glossy. Meaning to say, you can no longer paint them. Yet of course, this characteristic of the glossies also has its perks. Since these pages are already bursting with colors, they are great for wedding kissing balls for pop-themed weddings. For more effects, you may also opt to use glitters to have wedding kissing balls that sparkle when hit by light.

Old Clothes

Enough of papers. This time, you are making use of your old clothes. You can choose just one shirt of single color but if you want your project to be more colorful, you can also go for a colorful one. Choosing several plain shirts can also work.

Now what you can do is come up with strips or pieces of clothes and turn them into tiny flowers. Beads or pearls can also be used for accents. When you already have enough to cover your styrofoam ball, you can already start covering it with these flowers.

Fake Flowers

Do you have fake flowers at home? Yes, those everlasting flowers on your tabletops which you love a lot for their ability to save you time. Just in case you already want to get rid of them, consider using them in your next DIY project which, in this case, is a wedding kissing ball.

So gather those fake flowers, remove their stems, and wash them. Once they are dry, get some glue and stick them on the surface of the styrofoam ball one by one, until the entire ball is covered. Who s are said you have to spend a lot to have rocking wedding kissing balls? All you have to do is be more creative and patient enough to scout for alternative materials and you are good to go; you can already enjoy unique DIY wedding kissing balls that are also affordable.