How to make DIY Kissing Balls for Wedding Decoration and Centerpieces (Infographic)


Many couples are willing to spend for their weddings. In the US alone, the average cost of a wedding already lies between $27,000 and $28,000, excluding honeymoon. It has, in fact, been alarming in the sense that in certain US states, weddings would usually cost more than half the amount of an average resident's income.

With all these numbers, it is then a refreshing view to see brides aspiring for DIY weddings. Instead of joining the bandwagon and overspending (50% of US couples would end up spending way, way beyond the set budget), there are still  some who are brave enough to make a stand and lessen the cost of their weddings for as long as they can.

In fact, in a study, it was found out that more than 78% of couples consider going DIY for their own weddings, a sign of relief despite the growing number of wedding costs.

What is even more enlightening is the fact that 50% among these couples interviewed are willing to go DIY when it comes to their decor items (including ceremony decor, table linens, centerpieces, trellis or chuppah decor, photo displays, outdoor decor, lightning, etc.), which implies their willingness to make use of their creativity to come up with a fabulous wedding.

It is so nice of them, really, most especially there are a lot of DIY ideas they can execute. These DIY projects, in fact, are not just cost-effective. They are also environment-friendly, something that is also great to know about. (Recently, it has been known that an average wedding contributes 400 to 600 pounds of garbage and 63 tons of carbon pollution.)

No wonder, projects like DIY kissing balls for wedding decorations and centerpieces are really cool. Instead of simply spending additional money for items like these, couples can just exercise their creativity and use alternative materials, too. But how can you make DIY wedding kissing balls in the first place? How can you create such a project that would also make good decorations and centerpieces in the first place?

The infographic (click to zoom):

Choose your Materials.

First things first, ask yourself what kind of kissing balls do you  want for your wedding decoration and centerpieces? The answer may have something to do with your preferred wedding theme or motif. It should also have a lot to do with the color you want to dominate your big day. This step is very important because it will allow you to decide on the materials that you are going to use for your DIY project.

Of course, you can make use of materials like silk flowers if you are aiming for a more realistic outcome. If you have other synthetic flowers at home which may be a bit old but still look good, you can also make use of them.

If you are more crafty, you can also choose materials like crepe or Japanese paper. These are very affordable yet they do look good, most especially that they come in different colors.

Apart from these materials, you can also use recycled ones and take your DIY project a level higher. Like what was mentioned earlier, reusing these materials is not just cost-effective; it is also a good way to help save the environment. Some of these materials you can reuse are pages from old notebooks, books, telephone directories, and newspapers. Unlike the colorful onese, these are more neutral. Therefore, they can give you a more vintage feel when you create decorations out of them.

Work on Your Ornaments.

You can skip this step if you are going to use ready-made silk flowers or synthetic flowers in your household. Yet, if you are going to use materials like japanese and crepe paper or recycled ones like pages from old notebooks, books, telephone directores, and newspapers; then you should pay extra effort as you work on the flowers.

The thing is, the kind of flowers you are going to create out of these materials would also depend on your choice. The usual way of doing it is by rolling strips of papers and tying one side to form a paper rose. Another way of doing it is by cutting out flowers with well-defined petals. Whatever you choose, you are good to go as long as you produce lots of them, until they are all enough to cover the entire styrofoam ball which will serve as the core of your DIY wedding kissing ball.

Of course, you are also free to add other materials. If you are going for recycled materials, then you can paint or dye them a little bit to make them look better. You can also use materials like seed beads for the details on their centers to make them look more realistic. If you are aiming for shining and sparkling flowers, you can also try springkling them with glitters of your choice (but preferably the same with the color of the dye or the paint).

Attach Your Ornaments to the Styrofoam Ball

Now that you already have an ample amount of ornaments, you can already proceed to the part where you are going to attach them to the styrofoam ball—one by one. In order to do this, you need to provide a bunch of straight pins first as well as glue that would help you keep these ornaments in their place.

First, get a straight pin and pin it on the central part of the flower. After that, dip the remaining part of the safety pin into the glue. Once you are done, grab the styrofoam ball and pin the straight pin with glue all over. This time, the straight pin already comes with a certain amount of glue. This will help the pin stay there and not slip away. If your ornaments or flowers are a bit heavier, then you have the option to also glue them on the styrofoam apart from using pins. Repeat these steps until you have enough flowers for cover the entire styrofoam ball.

Set them Up.

Now that you already have your very own kissing balls, the next great thing to do is to incorporate them to your wedding set up. If you want to make use of these kissing balls for your wedding table centerpieces, then feel free to do so. Just make sure that you position them properly to make sure they do not look awkward and even out of place. You can also position them elsewhere or simply use them as decorations for other spots.

Indeed, going DIY even for items like wedding kissing balls that can be used either for decorations or for centerpieces is something that is great to do. As shown in his article, doing this project does not really require so many things from anyone. It is not even time consuming and expensive. It is very easy to execute, making it ideal for couples who want to get married.

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