8 DIY Ideas to Use Diamond Ribbon Wrap

Materials play a very important role in every DIY project. That is why it is an advantage if a DIY bride is aware of different materials she can make use of, either brand new or recycled. She should also be willing to look around and discover materials that are readily-available in nearby shots or even online for easy purchase.

Diamond Ribbon Wraps are among these cool materials available today. They already look on their own and when used very creatively, they can be transformed into cooler pieces that would definely spice up any wedding.

Now here are eight DIY Ideas using diamond ribbon wrap:

1. Vases For Center Pieces

Flowers are always in; they can make for good center pieces. Of course, putting them in great-looking vases would let them look more beautiful. While there are already a lot of cool vases being sold in different shops out there, nothing still beats DIY vases.

The thing is, vases can actually look more fabulous through the help of diamond ribbon wrap. You can simply cut a portion that is enough to cover the cifcumference of the vase and wrap if around. You can cover the vase entirely to emphasize shininess or you may simply use the diamond ribbon wrap as an accent to, let us say, a vase that is painted with a color that complements the wrap. With good lighting, they will surely shine like the brightest stars. Just make sure the diamond ribbon wrap sticks well to the surface of the vase.

2. Candle Decorations

Apart from flowers in vases, you can also make use of candles for your wedding table. They are not simply good decorations; they are functional as they can illuminate the area and create ambience at the same time. While there are already good-looking candles in the market nowadays, which usually come in various scents, it is still a great idea to DIY to make these candles more personalized.

Sure, diamond ribbon wrap is perfect for candles. It can truly add magic to your wedding table. Since it is shiny, it will create a wondeful effect once hit by the light produced by the candles themselves.

Actually, using it to beautify candles for your wedding table is just easy. All you have to do is cut a portion of diamond ribbon wrap that is enough to cover the circumference of the candle. Then, you have to wrap the candle using it. For better results, you may also add details to your project. They can be flowers or ribbons, depending on your choice. Just make sure that the flame will not touch any part of the diamond ribbon wrap to avoid mishaps.

3. Utensil Pouches

Besides beautiful center pieces, you can also have unique-looking utensil pouches that can also help you establish your desired mood and feel during your own wedding. Sure, you can choose any piece of cloth that goes with your wedding motif and the color of your choice but to make it more personalized and even unique, you may adorn it with a strip of diamond ribbon wrap. It can be a strip, enough to cover the width of the pouch. Just glue the wrap on the pouch to make sure it will stay in place. If you are more specific with details, you can also try putting flowers, ribbons, or whatever embellishment that you have to top the strip of diamond ribbon wrap.

4. Chair Backs

Apart from making sure that your wedding tables do look good, you have to ensure that your chairs are fabulous, too. The thing is, you can actually decorate them as well to be more consistent about your wedding's overall packaging. So if you are going DIY when it comes to your table, then it is also a must that you also pay attention to your chairs. Of course, using diamond ribbon wrap for them would make a lot of difference.

For your chairs, what you may focus on are their backs. If you are using plastic chairs that are usually available for rental, then you may cover them with pieces of cloth. Now what you can do is get more than enough diamond ribbon wrap to wrap around the back rest of the chair. Wrap it around the back rest and just make sure that you use either an adhesive tape of pins to ensure it does not fall from its place. When you are done, then it is time to add details. You can top with either with a small bunch of flowers or a great-looking DIY ribbon, depending on what would perfectly match your table center pieces.

You can also do the same thing if you are using tiffany chairs though you may opt not to put so much details on them since they already look good by default.

5. Bridal Bouquet

Bridal bouquets are not just about good flowers. The thing is, you can actually play with it some more and embellish it—even the handle.

It's simple. All you have to do is wrap the handle with the diamond ribbon wrap and you can already have that bouquet with shining, shimmering handle. To make it more consistent, you can also cut small strips of diamond ribbon wrap and insert them in between flowers, allowing some parts of them to emerge and therefore add accent to your project. These strips will definitely add a unique touch on your bridal bouquet.

6. Invitations and Thank You Cards

Who said invitations can only be adorn with materials that are flat? That is not true, definitely. Instead, you can choose other materials that will create a different effect on it. Diamond ribbon wraps are great choices. Instead of using generic ribbons, you can actually make use of these fabulous materials to add more texture and character on you invitations. You may also play with colors as these diamond ribbon wraps also come in different shades. You can cut small portions of the diamond ribbon wrap and stick them wherever you want them on your cards.  

7. Corsages

Let your guests join you as you aspire to achieve more beauty on your Big Day. Incorporate diamond ribbon wraps to their corsages as well. It is truly a great idea for it will allow you to be more consistent with in your wedding.

Just imagine having a bouquet spiced up with strips of diamond ribbon wraps and at the same time, asking your guests to wear corsages embellished with the same materials. Indeed, all these will make your wedding shimmer even more under the spotlight.

8. Flower Baskets

Flower girls are already cute by nature. Yet of course they can look cuter when you dress them with really good-looking clothes and give them something beautiful to carry like the baskets which are supposed to contain the flower petals they are going to throw later on.

One cool DIY idea is to use diamond ribbon wrap for thos baskets. Instead of simply using ordinary ribbon to wrap around the baskets' circumference for accent, you can use diamond ribbon wrap and finalize the look by topping it with a small bunch of flowers.

Indeed, there are a lot of things you can do to make your wedding as unique as possible. Of course, you can also experiment and try doing DIY with different things about it to also establish the mood or feel you want for it. So if you are going for a wedding that shining, shimmering, and full of splendid.