Top 10 Vase Filler Ideas That You Should Know

Vases are among the most classic parts of every wedding setup. Sure, they are good for center pieces and they are also very practical to use. Imagine, they can be both functional and decorative at the same time: they can either hold things like flowers and help you establish your desired mood or feel during your wedding day.

Of course, many vases cannot stand by themselves—literally and figuratively. Some may be heavy and strong enough to hold flowers but keeping them in their place can still be a challenge, most especially for vases with wide openings. Lighter ones, on the other hand, need some kind of support by adding weight. There are also some which are too plain, needing some kind of accent to make them look better and more stunning.

Good thing, there are vase fillers that can address these issues—all at once. Vase fillers cannot just be used in holding flowers and keeping them in place all the time; they can also add weight to the vase to keep them from falling and of course, the most exciting part of it all, they can add more beauty to the vases.

Now since were already talking about beauty here, let us not forget to mention that there are actually lots of kinds of vase fillers. In fact, the list does not end. There are a lot of kinds to choose from, ranging from natural to manmade ones. Each kind has a certain look and feel, which of course can also help you create your desired look for your wedding. It is just up to you to decide which ones to make use of.

Here are top 10 vase filler ideas that you should know:

1. Rocks and Pebbles

Rocks and pebbles are among the most common vase fillers, given that they are the most accessible to many people. What's really great about them is that you need not spend a lot to get them. All you have to do is look for a good source where you can pick rocks and pebbles. They may come from a nearby river or you may simply pick them up from your backyard. Just clean them and you are good to go. If you want to incorporate some colors, you may do so by painting the rocks and pebbles.

2. Beach Sand and Seashells
If you want to imbibe more of a summer feel in your celebration or if you are simply having your wedding reception by the beach, using a combination of beach sand and seashells is of course a great idea. If you want to be more artsy, you can actually use the beach sand with colored ones available in the market. You can create layers of sand of different colors that will look good when put in clear vases. Then, you can top the sand layers with seashells.

3. Wooden Slices and Raw Corks

If you are going for a more natural look, using wooden materials for your vase fillers is also a good idea. Wooden slices and raw corks are among them, which can instantly create a more laid-back yet very creative look. These wooden materials are also perfect to hold white materials as they are lighter than materials like rocks and pebbles. These wooden materials are perfect for a garden wedding setup.

4. Marbles

Marbles have been around for so long. What's good about them is that you can make use of them in so many different ways. Since they are both colorful and heavy, they are perfect for vase filers, too. They also come in different shapes and sizes which you can take advantage of, depending on the kind of vase you are using. For a more classic look, there are neautral colors such as black, white, and gray. Yet if you want your setup to be colorful, you can simply play with different colors.

5. Pearls

Go fab with pearls. As we all know, pearls are known for their glamour. Just imagine putting several pearl beads in a clear vase. Surely, the shininess of each bead will create a good effect on the setup for they will sparkle under the light. Setups with pearls for vase fillers are good for vintage weddings.

6. Papers

Are you a fan of crafts? Make use of papers and turn them into vase fillers. If you want a colorful setup, you can cut pieces of colored paper. If you are a fan of origami, you can also form something, star for instance, and  use them to fill your vase. On the other hand, you can also use recycled paper. Unlike the colored ones, recycled paper will create a more hispter or even nerdy look to your wedding most especially if you make use of book pages. What you can do is fold them, allowing some texts to be seen through the clear glass vase. Newspapers will work, too.

7. Grains and Pasta

Are you a foodie who wants to incorporate food even to your wedding setup? Or, perhaps, you are simly a health buff who wants to highlight your personality on your Big Day. Worry no more are this vase filler idea will surely excite you. Instead of using other materials, why not use of grains and different raw pasta for vase fillers? There are lots of grains available such as rice and corn. Sure, all of them come in different colors. Like the sand, you can also layer them inside a clear vase where they will look great. As for the pastas, there are also a lot of kinds to choose from, ranging from angel's hair to macaroni. Just feel free to mix and match.

8. Ice Cube-Shaped Gems

When it comes to wedding setup, gems and crystals are also among the classics. Sure, they are also among the materials that are widely pupular in craft stores. They also come in different sizes and shapes. They also vary in color. Among the coolest gems available in the market right now are the ice cube-shaped ones. They are perfect for clear vases that are tall, making them look like glasses with ice cubes. The look, indeed, is refreshing. Of course, you can also play with different colors.

9. Diamond-Shaped Gems

They say diamonds are girls' best friends. This, of course, has always been true. In fact, anything that resembles to diamonds is a sure pick among women. That is why choosing diamond-shaped gems for your vase fillers is also a great step to take. They are not just pleasing to the eye because of their shape and sparkle; they are also very elegant.

10. Natural Reindeer Moss

Green is always in. That is why using anything that's green for your DIY projects is something that will never be frowned upon. So if you've been wondering what green thing you can use for your vases, the answer is none other than natural reindeer moss. Apart from the fact that it looks really cool and even peculiar, it is also very light and soft, making it very versatile as a vase filler. Sure, with this, you can fill any empty space in your vase.

Indeed, there are lots of materials that can be used as vase fillers. Depending on what effects or mood you want to achieve for your wedding, there are materials suitable for you. All you have to do is to be extra creative and have an eye for potential materials.