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Wedding Decoration Ideas
Pomander balls are made with lovely silk roses. So simple yet so refined, it offers a great alternative to traditional bridesmaids bouquets, great for your flower girl, to decorate your reception area or for pew decor. They can also be used as an unique, elegant wedding centerpiece on top of a vase.
Retail Decoration Ideas
Unique store decorations to attract your customers and bring them through your shop's front door. Perfect interior decoration ideas for flower shops, wedding supplies stores, and other retail shops.
Special Events Decorations Ideas
Outdoor christmas decorations, party table decorations, and christmas craft ideas are a few ways to use the kissing balls for creative event decor.
DIY Wedding Kissing Balls
We now carry more than 100 rose flower balls in different sizes and colors at discounted prices. But still can't find the style that you want? No worries!  We have all the essential materials that you need to make your DIY pomander ball. You can also contact us for custom size kissing balls.

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