What is a kissing ball?

Kissing Balls, also known as Pomander Balls or Rose Flower Balls, are made with lovely silk rose flowers. So simple yet so refined, wedding kissing ball is a great alternative to use as the traditional bridesmaids bouquets or for your flower girls. We have a variety of sizes available from 4 inches to 12 inches for fun reception ideas and for creative wedding centerpieces.

Flower balls are also used to decorate special events and parties.  Hang on Shepherd's Hooks down the aisle for a garden wedding look. Use our 7” Orange Flower Kissing Ball for Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas. Bring a smile to your mom on Mother’s Day by decorating kitchen and living room in 4” Hot Pink Kissing Balls. Celebrate birthday party, baby shower, or graduation by hanging 6” rose flower balls from the ceiling. Hang different size flower balls at different levels under a pergola arbor. The decorating ideas are endless.  There’s no other sites that offer this many selection of pomander balls for any themes: Two-toned kissing balls, Gothic Wedding Balls, American Hero Kissing Ball.  Pomander balls are available in more than 30 different colors.

Not the size or color that you are looking for? No worries! We have the essential materials that you need to make your own DIY pomander balls. Simply scroll down to this page and click on Page 3 and 4 where you will find all the supplies for DIY Kissing Ball. You will see colorful silk rose flowers, ribbons, and foams to create your own creative ball. We also have a free tutorial YouTube video on How to Make a Kissing Ball. (click on the link).

The decoration ideas are infinite. Unique shop decoration to attract and bring in new people to your storefront and interior decoration ideas for flower shops are just a few ideas our customers did with our kissing balls. Other ideas to use kissing balls include: Black and orange Halloween Party Decorating Ideas, Christmas Door Decorating Ideas, Outdoor Fall Decorating Ideas, Spring Decorating Ideas, and Summer Decorating Ideas. The kissing balls are ideal to use for all seasons!

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